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Reach Effectiveness Adoption Implementation Maintenance

This site provides an explanation of and resources for those wanting to apply the RE-AIM framework. The RE-AIM framework is designed to enhance the quality, speed, and public health impact of efforts to translate research into practice in five steps:

  • Reach your intended target population

  • Efficacy or effectiveness

  • Adoption by target staff, settings, or institutions

  • Implementation consistency, costs and adaptations made during delivery

  • Maintenance of intervention effects in individuals and settings over time

Among the RE-AIM website features are:

  • Tools and resources to facilitate implementation
  • A comprehensive list of RE-AIM publications and presentations organized alphabetically by year

Please send comments and suggestions or your own RE-AIM related work for inclusion on the site to Samantha Harden.

What's New



Upcoming Presentations:

Fall 2016

Borsika A. Rabin, M.P.H., Ph.D., Pharm.D. 
Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, School of Medicine, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, California

Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Colorado, Aurora, Colorado

New Presentations:

Bridget Gaglio, Ph.D. GaglioMarch2016Webinar RE-AIM Workgroup 2016

Paul Estabrooks, Ph.D. Estabrooks- Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Webinar , RE-AIM Workgroup 2016

New Publications

Lane H, Porter K, Estabrooks P, Zoellner J. A Systematic Review to Assess Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Interventions for Children and Adolescents across the Socioecological Model. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2016 Jun 2. pii: S2212-2672(16)30212-X. doi: 10.1016/j.jand.2016.04.015. [Epub ahead of print].

Sánchez A, Silvestre C, Campo N, Grandes G; PreDE research group. . Type-2 diabetes primary prevention program implemented in routine primary care: a process evaluation study. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2016 May 19. [Epub ahead of print].

McIlvennan CK, Thompson JS, Matlock DD, Cleveland JC Jr, Dunlay SM, LaRue SJ, Lewis EF, Patel CB, Walsh MN, Allen LA. A Multicenter Trial of a Shared Decision Support Intervention for Patients and Their Caregivers Offered Destination Therapy for Advanced Heart Failure: DECIDE-LVAD: Rationale, Design, and Pilot Data. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2016 May 19. [Epub ahead of print].